Under National University: (For Bachelor course)

The National University maintains UGC equivalent grading system. Result of a student under national university will be determined on the basis of Grade Point in a 4-point scale along with Letter Grade. However, to determine the Letter Grade/Grade Point the following range of marks will be considered:

Marks range Grade Point Letter Grade
80% and above 4.00 A+
75% to 79% 3.75 A
70% to 74% 3.50 A-
65% to 69% 3.25 B+
60% to 64% 3.00 B
55% to 59% 2.75 B-
50% to 54% 2.50 C+
45% to 49% 2.25 C
40% to 44% 2.00 D
Below 40% 0.00 F

For promotion, results for two semesters in a year tabulated together will be considered for year to year basis promotion. For getting promotion from one year to the next year, the student must appear in the final examinations, at least partially, so that he/she earns a GPA of 1.5 in the first year and then on GPA of 2.0 for second and third year (combined for two semesters in each year). In case of calculating GPA for promotion purposes improvement marks in that relevant year will not be considered. In case he/she fails (F grade) in any or more course(s), he/she will have to appear in the final examination of that/those course(s) in subsequent semesters (two chances will be given to convert F grade into any countable grade). Where a student remains absent in any of the examinations which is countable towards GPA calculation, each absent will be deemed to have earned Zero marks (Grade Point 0.0) for him/her and the credit for relevant course be deemed to have been taken. In any case, a student will not be allowed to sit for further regular examinations when his status is confirmed as not having earned the requisite pass number. In such a case he/she will have to seek for re-admission and continue with the next available batch as usual. A student can pre-empt his/her not getting promotion and seek for readmission well in advance to re-start with the next batch. In this process he must pass in all the lecture courses within a maximum period of six academic years.

Students eligible for appearing in improvements in the fourth year courses will also not be allowed to cross the statutory period of six years in the process. If he/she crosses the statutory period of six years, he/she loses his/her chance to improve the grades. For Viva and Project Paper Defense only, an additional time for a maximum period of six months may be allowed. No improvement examination will be allowed for Viva and Project Paper Defense. If he/she fails to qualify for the degree within six consecutive academic years and an additional period of six months for Viva and Project Paper Defense, being a regular student, he/she will automatically be dropped from the program. A regular student can get himself re-admitted for a maximum of two times. In such cases too he/she also must earn the degree within a maximum period of six consecutive academic years with an additional time of six months for Viva and Project Paper Defense. Rules for non-collegiate students to be determined and applied separately by the National University.

Award of the Degree of BBA will be dependent upon a student performing as follows:


A student earning D or more can opt for appearing in the Improvement Examination (except for Viva and Project Paper Defense) with next immediate available batch only, but only once for one course. In that case the earlier grade (and also the relevant marks, if any) earned in the course will be deleted. All mid term and assignment marks will remain unchanged in case of a student appearing in any improvement examination (i.e., improvement will depend only on the course final examination (i.e., improvement will depend only on the course final examination). In case of re-admitted students, the marks obtained earlier in the same semester courses only will be deleted from his/her record. However, a student will be usually readmitted in First, Third, Fifth, or Seventh semester only. In both the cases of retaking a course for failure or for improvement, a student must apply in specific form to the Controller of Examinations through the Head of the Department and through the Principal within 15 days of the publication of the provisional result. Semester results or yearly results (if combined for two semesters) will be considered as provisional.

Calculation of GPA/CGPA

Grade Point Average (GPA) is the weighted average grade of a trimester while Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all the courses completed by a student along with last trimester. For example, if a student passes/completes four courses in a trimester having credits of C1, C2, C3, & C4 and his grade points in these courses are G1, G2, G3, & G4 respectively then: